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From XML to WordPress

Once you have completed indexing, transcribing, and entering the metadata for your interview in OHMS, you may be wondering how to upload the completed interview onto another site such as WordPress.

The first step is to log into your OHMS repository and scroll down the Interview Manager to the completed interview you want to download. Click the XML file link on the right hand side.

When the box pops up make sure the file name matches the Accession Number for the file and click Save As, then confirm and save the file to somewhere on your computer.



For ease if you have more than one file you are downloading from OHMS it may be handy to make a OHMS Cache File folder on your computer’s hard drive.


Depending on the project you are part of you may need to download a FTP (File Transfer Program) such as FileZilla to transfer the XML files to the server for your WordPress.


Next log onto WordPress and click make new post.

Below is the code used to display the OHMS XML files from your server onto WordPress if you are part of the OHLA project.


Code for WordPress:

[ iframe src=”” style=”width:100%; height:1200px !important;” ]

  • If you are part of OHLA all you will need to do is change the file name as shown in CAPS (underlined in example photo) to make your interview display once it is on the server.
  • If you are not part of the OHLA server then you will need to change the url code for your specific WordPress server and the location of the OHMS viewer along with changing the file name.

Next hit preview to see if WordPress is displaying the interview properly.


Review the page to make sure it is the way you want it to look and that it matches OHMS.



If everything is correct add a title and featured image to the post then publish!

Also if you make any changes to the OHMS file you will need to re download the xml file and upload it to the server again for edits to show.

I hope this guide was helpful for uploading your interview!


Here is the guide for download: From XML to WordPress

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Emma is part of the graduating class of 2019 at Antioch College currently working on her self design major Culture as a Historical Process. She completed her second co-op with OHLA and is working at OHLA again for her third co-op. Her skills include knowledge of audio and video editing and a love for photography.

Latest comments
  • thanks for your helpful post. Can you please show an example of what the wordpress post should look like if you are not a part of the OHLA server.?

  • Hi Emma, this is great, thanks for sharing this! One question, assuming there are hundreds of interviews that have been indexed, transcribed, metadata’ed etc. in OHMS, and then uploaded to WordPress per your instructions – is it then possible to search for keywords across all those hundreds of transcripts on wordpress?

    I’ve yet to find out how to do this search-keywords-across-all-interviews within OHMS itself, so am hoping this import to wordpress would do the trick.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Wen, great question that strikes to the heart of making digital project collections accessible. Short answer— WordPress tags. Imagine you create a self-hosted WordPress website to power your public-facing project. Each OHMS-indexed interview will be embedded in a post. You’ll add “tags” to the post that would help someone access the interview; these tags may be the same as your interview segment keywords in OHMS. Searching the tags would give you every post/interview with that tag, then you would dive into the content of the interview searching the tag in the OHMS search bar. Note that you would want to design your website to feature tags (put a tag list or tag cloud in the sidebars or beneath the OHMS-ed interview and/or in the footer). Perhaps not a perfect fix, but this merges WordPress’ ability to search across many posts with OHMS’s ability to search into/within the media content of one post. A ‘How to Use this Site’ page might be a helpful addition, and don’t forget to fill out the ‘Series link’ in the OHMS metadata, so that each interview links back to the page you choose as the main landing page! Hope this helps, and keep us posted.