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Intangible Cultural Heritage of Morocco

Project Statement

Intangible Cultural Heritage of Morocco

This project will explore the art of storytelling (including both folktales and oral histories of life stories) in Morocco. The goal is to help preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Morocco and to research the value systems of Moroccan cultures, including indigenous cultures and languages.

Our intention as student and faculty researchers is to collaborate with members of diverse communities in collecting and preserving folktales and life stories. We hope to learn about value systems related to these tales and stories and to analyze their role in cultural preservation as well as the ways in which diverse and divergent stories and life histories can foster social inclusion and intercultural belonging.

We are likely to share your interview content in multiple ways. Your interview will be publicly shared, in part or in full, through inclusion in final class projects and in future classroom and other formal presentations. It will also be included, in part or in full, in a public digital project accessible on the web using OHMS and other digital storytelling platforms with multi-searching functionalities, or other publishing tools. We may incorporate your narratives and ephemera into future scholarly publications in both written and digital project forms. Should your copyright-released interview materials be featured, they will remain part of the project until it is taken off-line or absorbed by an institutional archive.

Listen to the Interviews

This project is in the fieldwork phase. Searchable interviews coming soon.

Additional Materials

This project is in the fieldwork phase. Links to archival materials coming soon.

Funding & Support

This project is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation through the Great Lakes Colleges Association’s Global Liberal Arts Alliance.

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