Mother Interview 1

Antioch College


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00:00:27 - Introduction

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Keywords: Chillicothe; DCI; Dayton Correctional Institute; Incarcerated Motherhood Oral History Project; Ohio

Subjects: DCI; Dayton Correctional Institute; Incarcerated Motherhood Oral History Project; Incarceration

00:02:01 - Introducing her children

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Partial Transcript: "If you're interested in telling me some stories about your children, or just maybe describing your relationship- what it's like for you and for them."

Segment Synopsis: This is the first interview question pertaining to the interviewees relationship to her children. She talks about how for the first couple of years her incarceration was hard, for both her and her children, but now they have gotten used to the fact that she's away. They are starting to get closer. She gets to see her children about once every three months. They write back and forth through email weekly. The interviewee has two sons, who were 12 and 15 when she was first incarcerated 4 years ago. She talks about how they are both into sports.

Keywords: Children; Forgiveness; Single Mother

00:03:54 - Barriers pertaining to motherhood that are experienced while incarcerated

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Partial Transcript: "I would like to ask you now, sort of some of the barriers that you experience for you and your loved ones, especially your children."

Segment Synopsis: Interviewee talks about things that she has missed out as her sons become young men, like graduating high school, dances, girls, etc. She shares the difficulty of not being there when her sons are going through something at a particular moment. She talks about how it's hard to be involved constantly. She shares that they have gotten communication down pretty well despite the physical barriers. She talks about how things have gotten better since she was first incarcerated 4 years ago.

Keywords: Barriers; Family Day; Hannah's Gift

00:07:30 - How could DCI be better at supporting your familial relationships.

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Partial Transcript: "I'm curious to hear some stories about your children. I'm also just curious of... you know you're here, you have your family as some people that you can still be connected with, but ways that you could imagine or it could be even better for you."

Segment Synopsis: The interviewees talks about how she is grateful for the support she receives from her family on the outside. As a recovering addict, she talks about how she has had the opportunity to recover from the guilt and the shame that was connected to her addiction. She talks about ways that she keeps herself busy, by reading, having a relationship to God and attending groups and programs inside the prison. She talks about how her sons have been able to see her grow and how this has strengthened their relationships.

Keywords: Addiction; Family; God; Healing; Mother; Recovering Addict; Relationships; Self Help; Support

Subjects: Relationships; Support

00:09:37 - Healing for 'addicted and abused women'

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Partial Transcript: "But you've maintained that relationship, so they've seen you grow and heal?"

Segment Synopsis: The interviewee shares that she hopes to work with addicted and abused women. She hopes to speak with one of her oldest son at seminars and schools and help others with their healing. She shares a little more about her sons and what they're up to. She talks about how she plans to live with her sons when she gets out of prison, because she doesn't need a man.

Keywords: Addicted and Abused Women

00:12:44 - Learning about some programs and groups at DCI

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Partial Transcript: "So do you have a date for when you're coming up for release?"

Segment Synopsis: The interviewees talks about how in 2021 she will be able to file for judicial. She says she is fighting really hard. She talks about a group she leads inside of the prison called Sister To Sister, which groups older mothers with mothers who are under 25 for mother mentoring- the groups lasts 6 months. She also shares that she is the chair person for the executive board on the Powernet leadership group. She explains that Powernet runs outside of the prison, but that she chairs the branch that runs inside of Dayton Correctional Institute. She talks about how she has built herself a foundation for when she leaves, and has already connected with a Hope Center who has offered her a job at a teen center once she leaves the prison.

Keywords: DCI; Filing for Judicial; Mothers; Powernet; Release; Sister to Sister

Subjects: Addiction; Judicial; Recovery

00:14:21 - More on programs and groups inside the prison

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Partial Transcript: "Would you say that a lot of the programs that you're involved with are run by women inside, or would you say it's about half and half?"

Segment Synopsis: The interviewee talks about there are different wants from groups from women who are inside the prison. Some women prefer to attend groups offered by people coming from outside of the prison. The interviewees shares that she is currently working on her GED. She also shares that in order to attend Sinclair Community College classes while on the inside you must have five or less years left on your sentence, this is because the credits expire after 5 years. She is not yet able to attend Sinclair classes, but hopes to be out of prison sooner than that any way.

Keywords: GED; Sinclair Community College

00:17:57 - Does the institution support leadership, and growth, or does that come from within?

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Partial Transcript: "Do you feel like... being a really strong person at DCI and being a leader, and being a low security level, and having strong relationships-... is that kind of what ...this place wants to bring forth out of you guys.. or do you feel like that's something you've manifested in yourself?"

Segment Synopsis: The interviewee shares how the strength, and growth and leadership come mostly from within. DCI encourages some of that, but only once you're to a certain point within. She shares that she wants to see more of that going on. She shares that the institution respects you more and doesn't mess with you as much when you are in more 'positive' roles inside the prison.

Keywords: Faith; Guilt; Respect; Shame; Strength

00:19:00 - Closing statements

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Partial Transcript: "Is there anything else that you want to say about yourself, or ... on the topic of motherhood, ...anything that you want to add for anybody to know about your experience?"

Segment Synopsis: Interviewee shares that if you want it, you can do it and that kids are very forgiving. Mom's are mom's and kids love us regardless.