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00:00:01 - Introductions

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Partial Transcript: "We're here to talk about seed saving and things like that."

Segment Synopsis: Noah Evans interviewing Bill McDorman

00:00:07 - A story about Bill McDorman meeting the Director of the Hopi Cultural Center.

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Partial Transcript: "So if you wanted to go to Hopi and you wanted to make a recording or movie or interact with them in an official way, you would have to get permission and you would go to him to get permission from his office. And me and a friend of mine went to get permission because we were making a movie called Seed: Untold Story."

Segment Synopsis: Bill talks about his experience at the Hopi cultural center where they were doing research for their new movie Seed: an Untold Story.

Keywords: Hopi Cultural Center; Movies; Seeds

Subjects: Hopi Culture; Indigenous culture; Movies; Seed Saving

00:03:02 - I just witnessed Magic!

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Partial Transcript: "OK I don't know how to do this. Everything I've been taught about learning and growing agriculture this must be the seeds. You must be selecting seeds."

"Oh no we don't select"

Segment Synopsis: Bill talks about how astounded he was at the quality of the soil and the skill of the Hopi Corn farmers. Explaining how he was completely unable to understand how they reproduced such great crops with so little effort and floods arriving only once every few years.

Keywords: Corn; Fertilizer; Nile Floods; Seed Selection

Subjects: Agriculture; Corn; Hopi; Maize; indigenous agriculture

00:04:01 - Did Hopi corn evolve to fix nitrogen into the soil?

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Partial Transcript: "And this is doctor Walter Goldstein of the Mandan Institute is actually fixing nitrogen! That somehow its learned to evolve over a long period of time to develop a symbiotic relationship with the microbiota, as I would call it to keep a cycle of fixing nitrogen in the soil.....We know that corn used to have the ability to do this and we lost it but the Hopi may have just kept it alive."

"We need to listen and look more. Because obviously somebody has figured something out that we don't know how to do."

Segment Synopsis: Bill attempts to offer an explanation for the agricultural wonders he saw while speaking with the Hopi.

Keywords: Corn; Hopi; Mandan Institute

Subjects: Agriculture; Hopi; Nitrogen Fixation; corn; indigenous agriculture

00:05:27 - "You guys are just too worried about this!" and a small view into the Hopi mindset.

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Partial Transcript: "He said Bill you guys are too worried about all of this. You're gonna build up this big system, and its gonna collapse in a few hundred years, this has been written down in Hopi for over a thousand years. And when it does, you're gonna starve, and you're gonna come to us and we're gonna give you the corn so why are you worried?"

"What is Hopi? What does it mean? He said well that's a good question, it's a philosophy, we never call ourselves Hopi, its a way of being, a way of being in the world"

Segment Synopsis: Bill talks about a little bit of a worrisome prediction about the future that sounds like it fits with our current agricultural predicament and we get a small glimpse into Hopi culture.

Keywords: Hopi Culture; Philosophy

Subjects: Agriculutre; Corn; Hopi; Hopi Culture; Indigenous Agriculture

00:08:43 - Specific or general advice for young people or college kids who are wanting to help out in this seed saving effort?

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Partial Transcript: "I start with a question, what are you doing today that will have any meaning? Any worthwhile addition to what we are in a thousand years? Are you working on anything? I know we're all busy but is it anything?"

"Is that all to get to the next quarterly report? or pay of my rent? Or pay off my student debt? Is that all we're here for?"

Segment Synopsis: Bill asks the younger folks to stop and take the time to ask themselves what they're doing in the larger sense and live for a future so far ahead they may not see.

Keywords: Corn; Diets; Local Food; Local economy; Stress; heart disease; time

Subjects: Agriculture; Healthy; Local Economies.; Local Food; Time

00:11:54 - Conclusions and a challenge to a young person.

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Partial Transcript: SO I challenge a young person. To pick up something in their hands, something real, not something abstract, I'm talking something real, that's more powerful along these lines then a seed. It has a million more seeds packed in. In fact you could start a whole new agriculture. You can't do that with a cellphone, you can do that with a seed.

Segment Synopsis: In closing statements bill challenges the younger generation to take a step back from all of the corporate stress of their daily lives and ask themselves what they're doing for the future, to try and do something physical, something "Real" with their lives.