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00:00:00 - Introductions

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Partial Transcript: I've saved seeds, well actually I think I've been saving seeds since I was about five. Not knowing. I grew up in a family, they bought some land but they were very poor. There was a Chicken Coup on the land, and they turned that into a house.

Segment Synopsis: This is Pam Thullen, from Springfield Ohio.

Keywords: Chicken Coup; Farming; Seed-Saving

Subjects: Agriculture; Chicken; Farming; SeedBank

00:01:17 - Saving Seeds: Special Flowers.

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Partial Transcript: There was a particular poppy that probably had been handed down on my dads side of the family for I don't know how far back.

Segment Synopsis: Pam describes a rare flower that has been cultivated by her family for generations.

Keywords: Annuals; Flowers; Poppy; Seeds

Subjects: Agriculture; Flowers; SeedSaving

00:01:36 - Pam talks about her kids.

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Partial Transcript: My kids now. They're in their thirties and they don't save seed right now but I still have seed for them...

Segment Synopsis: Pam talks about her two sons and a story about how as they've gotten older they've grown to appreciate that they grew up eating food their family grew themselves, even if they didn't appreciate it at the time.

00:02:12 - Seed companies don't want to sell

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Partial Transcript: There is a particular Cucumber that I like to make pickles out of and its getting harder and harder to find that seed.

I have a particular flower that I thought was an heirloom.

Segment Synopsis: Pam talks about recent vegetables and flowers she's had to begin saving the seeds to since big agriculture has decided they don't like it anymore.

Keywords: Petunia; cucumber; flowers; hairloom; pickles; seed

Subjects: Agriculture; cucumbers; flowers; petunia; pickles; revert; seed saving; seed-saving; seedsaving; vegetables

00:03:13 - I'm getting my Grandkids into it now.

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Partial Transcript: My husband tills up this little patch and they plant sunflowers. The three year old is starting to get it. I have to weed for them because they just kind of throw them around....But shes kind of gettin the concept.

Segment Synopsis: Pam may not have been able to get her sons to do it but now that they've picked up an interest as adults her children are very eager and involved in their plot on her land.

Keywords: Seed saving; Sunflowers

Subjects: Seed Saving; Sunflowers

00:03:42 - What does Pam Save?

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Partial Transcript: I save my sunflower seeds, my Mexican Sunflower seeds, My Marigold seeds, a couple different particular Peppers, Tomatoes. I don't save bi-annuals.

Segment Synopsis: Pam lists off the different plants she saves seed for.

Keywords: Marigolds; peppers; sunflowers; tomatoes

Subjects: Marigolds; peppers; seed saving; seed-saving; seedsaving; sunflowers; tomatoes

00:05:29 - You'd be amazed at what one seed can produce.

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Partial Transcript: I'm eating whole foods right out of the garden.

Segment Synopsis: Pam talks about how SADs - Seasonal Affective Disorder increases with age and how she uses her garden to combat its affects.

Keywords: Gardens; S.A.Ds; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Whole foods

Subjects: Gardens; S.A.Ds; Seasonal Affective Disorder; exercise; mental health; overcoming depression