Eddie Bravo, Lifelong Resident of Rio Grande Valley

Antioch College


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00:00:03 - Introduction of Interviewer Kat Christen and Interviewee Eddie Bravo on the Carrizo-Comecrudo Movement

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Bravo, can you talk a little bit about where you live and how you grew up? "I was born two miles from the river South of San Juan and we were born blessed by the good Lord."

Keywords: Antioch College; Carrizo-Comecrudo; Eddie Bravo; San Juan, Tx

Subjects: Carrizo-Comecrudo; Eddie Bravo; San Juan Tx

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00:00:15 - Eddie Bravo talks about his family life and how he lived growing up

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Partial Transcript: "We raised our own crops. Tomatoes, corn, watermelons, cantaloupes. We raised a lot of chicken eggs, calves and cows, and we had a beautiful life growing up."

Keywords: Antioch College; Carrizo-Comecrudo; Eddie Bravo

Subjects: Antioch College; Carrizo-Comecrudo; Eddie Bravo

00:00:44 - Eddie Bravo talks about his relationship with his neighbors

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Partial Transcript: "Everyone loved my dad and respected him."
"And your neighbors lived on both sides of the border, is that right?"
"That is correct, and they were beautiful people."

Keywords: Antioch College; Carrizo-Comecrudo; San Juan TX

00:01:40 - Eddie Bravo talks about volunteering for the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC)

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Partial Transcript: "At 17 years old, I volunteered for the Army Air Corps, I had the rank of sergeant."