Megan Flanagan

Antioch College
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00:00:17 - Introduction: Who Is Megan Flanagan?

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Partial Transcript: "I work for a start-up, a software company called Code42, and here I am a channel marketing manager..."

Segment Synopsis: Denison alumna Megan Flanagan briefly explains her current profession as a channel marketing manager at a software start-up company, Code42.

Keywords: Literature; Management; Marketing; Software Development

Subjects: Careers; Literature; Professions

00:02:16 - Why Major in English?

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Partial Transcript: "I've always had a love of literature, and in my high school career, I took as many English courses as I could, and have always loved to read."

Segment Synopsis: Megan Flanagan illustrates how her love for writing and especially reading shaped her decision to pursue an English degree in the Literature track. She also mentions that a senior seminar on her favorite author, William Faulkner, further increased her appreciation for her degree track.

Keywords: Career Track; Literature; Literature Track; Poetry; Senior Seminar; William Faulkner; Writing

Subjects: Books; College; English; Literature; Reading; Writing

00:04:19 - Career Path Beginnings Post-Graduation

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Partial Transcript: "When I graduated from college, it was an interesting time; basically there weren't any full-time jobs available, it was mostly internships or unpaid internships."

Segment Synopsis: Megan discusses her path following graduation to her current profession as a channel marketing manager, and how she had to experience different fields within consumer and technical writing before eventually finding the right fit.

Keywords: Content Development; Job Search; Marketing/Communications; Non-profit; Public Relations; Reading/Writing; Sales; Skills; Software; Start-Ups; Technical Writing; Technology; Writing

00:08:31 - Applying English Skills to the Workplace

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Partial Transcript: "Obviously, English literature courses require you to write papers quite a bit..."

Segment Synopsis: Megan highlights the advantages English majors have when applying their skills to the workplace, particularly when it comes to writing for specific audiences.

Keywords: Audience; Brochures; Business/Sales; Literature; Papers; Skills; Social Media; Website Content

00:09:37 - What English Doesn't Prepare You For

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Partial Transcript: "I didn't [have experience with software], so I had to learn it."

Segment Synopsis: Megan admits that there are some job skills that an English degree does not necessarily prepare a student for, but she also points out that a liberal arts education, which trains students in a variety of disciplines, develops more well-rounded and attractive job candidates.

Keywords: Business Writing; Communications Writing; Denison University; Liberal Arts; Science; Skills

Subjects: Education; Liberal Arts

00:11:38 - What Job Interviewers Are Looking For

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Partial Transcript: "It's hard when you're first interviewing. I think Denison--Career Services--of providing a lot of guidance..."

Segment Synopsis: Megan touches upon the strengths and challenges first-time interviewees may face as well as the positive associations interviewers may make with candidates who have a background in English.

Keywords: English Literature Degree; Job Interview; Job Interview Advice; Job Search; Literature; PR Firms; Writer; Writing Tests

Subjects: Job Interviews

00:13:23 - Uncertainties and Opportunities

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Partial Transcript: "I think what I've tried to do in my career is build up really strong relationships and let my work really speak for itself."

Segment Synopsis: Megan emphasizes that uncertainty in the field can never truly persist if English majors build strong relationships and networks.

Keywords: Networking; Opportunities

Subjects: Networking; Relationships

00:16:13 - Interview Advice for English Majors

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Partial Transcript: "Obviously, your resume does have to be good. Luckily, in the English department, many of those folks are pretty great writers."

Segment Synopsis: Megan discusses the importance of writing good, polished resumes and seizing internship opportunities, particularly those related to the field of interest.

Keywords: Advice; Denison alums; Internships; Job Interview Advice; Job Search Advice; Network; PR Agency; Writing

Subjects: Career Fields; Internships; Resume

00:18:28 - The Importance of Literature

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Partial Transcript: "Throughout my career, I've always created content. In my content, I always want to create a story."

Segment Synopsis: Megan focuses on how Literature specifically allows English majors to tell a story in whatever line of work they pursue.

Keywords: Audience; Content Creation; Literature; Partner Marketing; Story

Subjects: Literature; Readers; Story

00:19:34 - The English Factor

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Partial Transcript: "I think I always think [that I'm grateful for being an English major]."

Segment Synopsis: How being an English major sets you apart from other candidates.

Keywords: English major; Interviews

Subjects: English major; Interviews; Reading; Writing

00:20:35 - Defining and Reading Literature

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Partial Transcript: "I'd say literature is the telling of a story."

Segment Synopsis: Megan defines literature and talks about how her literary tastes have changed over the years since her college days.

Keywords: Business Books; Light in August; Literature; Marketing; Novel; Story; Storytelling; William Faulkner

Subjects: Genres; Literature; Reading; Story

00:23:22 - General Advice for English Majors

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Partial Transcript: "Definitely when you're starting out in college, try a few different classes."

Segment Synopsis: Megan advises English majors to take a variety of courses in college, especially writing courses. She also encourages them to explore different job fields before choosing the right one.

Keywords: Advice; Courses; English Courses; Job Search Advice; Literature; Literature Track; Writing; Writing Courses

Subjects: College; English; English Literature