Connie Adams

Antioch College
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00:01:12 - Why Major in English?

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Partial Transcript: "Well, when I went to Denison in 1964, I had intended to major in math because that was my strong-suit in high school, and I scored better on the math aptitude tests."

Segment Synopsis: Connie Adams explains why she decided to major in English.

Keywords: Creative Writing; English; English major; Mathematics; Paul Bennett; Poetry; Reading; Writing

Subjects: College; English; English Major

00:03:06 - After College

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Partial Transcript: "No."

Segment Synopsis: Connie traces her career path upon graduating from college.

Keywords: Art; Art Therapy; Counselor; Denison; Dissertation; Doctorate; English; English Major; Foster Care; Graduate School; Graduation; Grammar; Job Search; Kansas; Mental Health; Ph.D.; Psychology; Skills; University of Kentucky; University of Louisville Kentucky; Writing

Subjects: Art; College; Grad School; Psychology

00:08:20 - First Interview

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Partial Transcript: "The grad school piece was just going in and meeting the faculty and them talking with you a little bit."

Segment Synopsis: Connie talks about her interview experience, from informal chats with faculty to presentation in front of panels, as with the art therapy position.

Keywords: Art Therapy; Confidentiality; First Interview; Good Listener; Integrity; Intern; Interview; Job Training; Mental Health; People Skills; Psychiatrist; Psychology; Psychology Skills; School Psychology; Skills; Special Education; Training

Subjects: Art; Interviews; Psychiatry; Psychology

00:12:26 - School Psychologist Administrator

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Partial Transcript: "The English degree was used every day because in school psychology you're writing reports constantly."

Segment Synopsis: Connie points out that the benefit of being an English major is that psychologists are constantly writing reports.

Keywords: English; English degree; English major; Flexibility; Job Skills; Psychology; Reports; Skills; Writing

Subjects: English; Psychology

00:14:24 - Volunteering for Crisis Response

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Partial Transcript: "Well, Kentucky is actually--we're not on the cutting-edge of anything, but we are on the cutting-edge for Crisis Response."

Segment Synopsis: Connie discusses her current role as a volunteer for Crisis Response.

Keywords: Behavioral Health Services; Crisis Response; Death; Disaster; Kentucky; Line of Duty; Mental Health; Mental Health Crisis; Retire; Retiring; Tornado; Volunteer; Volunteering

Subjects: Disaster; Kentucky; Mental Health; Retiring; Volunteering

00:16:59 - What English Doesn't Prepare You For

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Partial Transcript: "Well, I wouldn't say it lacked anything."

Segment Synopsis: Connie talks about her experience applying for a job working with computers at IBM, a field completely out of her comfort zone.

Keywords: Advice; Books; Computers; English; English Major; GRE; Hartford, Connecticut; IBM; Interview; Job Advice; Job Skills; Job Training; Professors; Reading; Skills; Training

Subjects: Career; English; English Major; Interview; Job; Reading

00:20:07 - What Is Literature?

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Partial Transcript: "Well, I can tell you that I have three grandchildren right now, and I have saved the children's library that I created for my three kids, and we have a library at my house for my kids, and I believe in reading."

Segment Synopsis: Connie defines literature and describes how her career has impacted her engagement with it.

Keywords: Author; Authors; Barbara Kingsolver; Children; Children's Library; Children's Literature; Culture; Definition; Elizabeth Berg; English; Evolution; History; Library; Literature; Non-Fiction; Novels; Poetry; Psychology; Reading; Research; Scientific; Technical; The Poisonwood Bible

Subjects: Children; Literature; Psychology; Science

00:23:15 - Advice for English Majors

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Partial Transcript: "Well... for me, it's hard to know where it will lead you, but it will certainly enhance your skills wherever you go."

Segment Synopsis: Connie insists that there is hardly a profession in which having an English background isn't helpful.

Keywords: Advice; English; English Major; English Major Advice

Subjects: Advice; English; English Major