Sara Jensen

Antioch College
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00:00:48 - Why Choose English?

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Partial Transcript: "Um, that's a good question..."

Segment Synopsis: Sara explains why she decided to double-major in English (Creative Writing) and Theatre.

Keywords: British Literature; Creative Writing Track; Double-Major; English; English Degree; English Major; Honors; Psychology; Psychology Major; Read; Reader; Reading; Senior Seminar; Sylvia Brown; Theatre; Theatre Major; Writing; Writing Workshop

Subjects: College; English; English Major; Psychology; Read; Theatre; Writing

00:02:48 - After College

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Partial Transcript: "So, I actually went to grad school right after college because I thought I might want to get a Ph.D. in English, but I wasn't really sure, so I decided to do a Master's program..."

Segment Synopsis: Sara traces her career path from a short-lived experience in grad school to her current job as a corporate trainer, pointing out that the struggles she faced were really a matter of indecision on her part.

Keywords: Academia; Career; Chicago; Corporate Training; Duke University; Editorial; English; English Degree; English Major; Freelance; Grad School; Job; New York; Ph.D.; Publishing; Software; Struggles; Textbook; Textbook Publishing; Writing

Subjects: Career; English; English Major; Grad School; Job; Writing

00:06:54 - First Interviews

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Partial Transcript: "You know, I had a few professional office-type jobs during college and during summer break and Christmas break, so I had had some interviewing experience and actually really interview pretty well..."

Segment Synopsis: Sara advises interviewees to feel at ease when interviewing and to be attuned to whether the job is the right fit for you, and you for it.

Keywords: Career; First Interview; Interview; Job; Job Interview

Subjects: Career; Interviews; Job

00:09:07 - Corporate Training and the Value of an English Degree

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Partial Transcript: "You know, I, in just about every job that I've ever had, has had some kind of writing component to it..."

Segment Synopsis: Sara discusses how nearly all the jobs she has held have comprised of some sort of writing component, which played into her strengths as an English major and, more importantly, as a great writer.

Keywords: Books; Business; Business Books; Content; Content Creation; Custom Development; Editing; English; English Major; Freelance; Ghostwriting; Inbound Marketing; Job Skills; Marketing; Proposal; Skills; Writer; Writing; Writing Center; Writing Skills

Subjects: Business; English; English Major; Job; Marketing; Skills; Writing

00:13:26 - Extracurricular Activities

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Partial Transcript: "There are tons of things."

Segment Synopsis: Sara touches on the extracurricular activities and the skills she cultivated within them that contributed to her success in the job market.

Keywords: Acting; Acting Classes; Actor; Business; Internship; Interview; Interviewing; Jay Magazine; Marketing; Resume; Study Abroad; The Denisonian; Theatre; Writer; Writing; Writing Center

Subjects: College; Extracurricular Activities; Interview; Jobs; News; Writing

00:15:25 - What English Doesn't Prepare You For

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Partial Transcript: "You know, one area that I'd say is a real area of weakness for me is being able to communicate visually."

Segment Synopsis: Sara talks about how her text-based sensibilities conflicted with a visually-based audience or customer base, as well as her challenges in difficult grad school literature courses.

Keywords: Communication; Criticism; English; English Literature; Grad School; Historical Context; History; Job Skills; Literary Criticism; Literature; Read; Skills; UNC; Video; Visual; Visual Learning

Subjects: Grad School; Jobs

00:20:04 - What Is Literature?

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Partial Transcript: "I think it's one of those broad, kind of, catch-all terms that probably means slightly different things to most people..."

Segment Synopsis: Sara defines literature and discusses the role it plays in her as well as her husband and children's lives.

Keywords: Articles; Author; Biographies; Career; Classic Novels; Classics; Definition; Fantasy; Fiction; Genre; Historical Fiction; Journey to the Center of the Earth; Literature; Memoirs; Non-Fiction; Novels; Online Articles; Poetry; Read; Reading; Sci-Fi; Science Fiction; The Three Musketeers; Treasure Island

Subjects: Books; Children; Literature; Poetry; Reading

00:24:49 - Advice for English Majors

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Partial Transcript: "I don't think you major in English because you want to have a certain career."

Keywords: Advice; Career; College; Education; English; English Major; Job; Job Skills; Literature; Skills