Nick Lewandowski

Antioch College
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00:00:48 - Why Major in English?

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Partial Transcript: "It was a very clear progression because I always excelled in English classes... "

Segment Synopsis: Nick wanted to major in English because he always had a passion for reading and writing. He excelled at English in school and was encouraged to go in that direction. He believed that finding a job after college would resolve itself.

Keywords: Creative Writing; Denison University; English; English Major; Reading; Writing

Subjects: Creative Writing; English; English Major

00:03:09 - College Experiences

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Partial Transcript: "Despite not really liking poetry, I did really enjoy the class. I felt like I wrote some good stuff in the class. I learned a lot about writing."

Segment Synopsis: Nick describes his time studying English at Denison including his favorite professors and other memories.

Keywords: Ann Townsend; Double Major; English; German; German and English; Poetry; Study Abroad; Travel; one-on-one

Subjects: Double Major; Poetry; Study Abroad

00:05:34 - Plans After College

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Partial Transcript: "I honestly has no idea what to do professionally. At the time I thought that I wanted to work in writing and communications."

Segment Synopsis: After college Nick is anxious about finding a job especially in the unstable global economy of 2008. He lands a position interning in Madrid and then another job in Cairo with financial analysts.

Keywords: 2008; Anxiety; Banking Crisis; Cairo; Communications; Digital Marketing; Economy; Editorial; Egypt; English; Excel; Expatriates; Fear; Finance; Financial Analyst; Global Economy; Intern; Internship; Job Experience; Living Abroad; Madrid; Marketing; Spain; Startup; Writing

Subjects: Anxiety; Cairo; Communications; Digital Marketing; Editorial; English; Financial Analysis; First Job; Intern; Internships; Living Abroad; Madrid; Writing

00:08:26 - Finding a Job at Home

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Partial Transcript: "I'm back to square one again. I have no job. I have limited experience. But it's really kind of this weird.. this weird experience where no one really knows... you know 'Well are you a business guy? Are you a writing guy? What do you do?'"

Segment Synopsis: Nick reviews his struggle finding a job after returning to America in 2011. He tried a variety of job before landing a consumer lending position at a bank.

Keywords: Bank; Blog; Business; CFA Program; Career Counseling; Consumer Lending; Contract; Customer Service; Digital Marketing; Financial Security; Freelance; Interviews; Investment Banking: Charter Financial Analyst Program; Journalism; Pittsburgh Magazine; Writing

Subjects: Career Counseling; Consumer Lending; Finance; Freelance; Job Search; Journalism

00:12:09 - Interview Experience

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Partial Transcript: "It's so central to any business environment that people are able to communicate in an articulate way."

Segment Synopsis: Nick talks about how an English degree plays into job interviews. He ay that he uses him English degree to emphasize his valuable communication skills.

Keywords: Analyst; Arguments; Communication; Creative Writing; English; English Degree; Interviews; Jobs; Marketing; Skills

Subjects: Communication; English Degree; Interviews; Jobs; Skills

00:15:43 - Experiences Outside of School and the Job Market

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Partial Transcript: "I had different types of work experience at levels that were not super high. You know, college educated type levels of work. Which, in a higher level environment does go a long way with people."

Segment Synopsis: Nick discusses how a breadth of job experience is valuable in the job market.

Keywords: Character Building; Compromise; Customer Service; Egypt; Emotional Intelligence; Extra-Curricular; Germany; High School; Jobs; Macy's; Political Engagement; Retail; Study Abroad; Swimming; Teamwork

Subjects: Extra-Curricular; High School; Jobs; Skills; Study Abroad; Valuable Skills

00:18:52 - Career Today

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Partial Transcript: "Anything about numbers in this business that you need to know, we can teach you... I can't teach you how to communicate with people at the end of the day."

Segment Synopsis: Nick talks about the irreplaceable value of the ability to communicate in his job. The English degree gave Nick skills that translate and positively impact his career.

Keywords: Communication; English; English Major; Expression; Founding Partner; Numbers; Skills; Small Group; Writing:Email

Subjects: Communication; English Degree; Valuable Skills; Writing

00:22:53 - Definition of Literature

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Partial Transcript: "Literature is anything that I read that I guess engages me in some way."

Segment Synopsis: Nick defines literature as anything that engages him. His preferred reading is a specific style of science fiction and fantasy.

Keywords: Authors; David Foster Wallace; Genre; High Technical Level; Ian McDonald; Johnathan Franzen; Literature; Neil Gaiman; Susanna Clarke; Terry Pratchett; Topics; William Gibson; Writers

Subjects: Authors; Genre; Literature; Topic; Writers

00:25:37 - Advice for English Majors

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Partial Transcript: "Be open minded to other areas of interest you have as well."

Segment Synopsis: Nick advises English majors to think about their future goals, be open, and combine other interests with their degree.

Keywords: Communication; Economically Viable; Interests; Openness; Planning; Skills; Values

Subjects: Economically Viable; Interests; Openness; Planning; Values