Bita Bell Interview

Antioch College
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00:01:22 - Relationship to Lynn Knight, Events, and Student Activities.

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Partial Transcript: What roles did you hold when working with/for Lynn Knight? In what other ways were you engaged with student activities or events?

Keywords: Events; Lynn Knight; collaboration; development; journey; mentorship

00:02:50 - Introduction to current status

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Keywords: MFA; OSU; dance choreography and pedagogy; teaching; working artist

00:03:44 - Time before Earlham

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Partial Transcript: How did you find your way to Earlham?

Keywords: Arts; Dance; Theater; UWC Hong Kong; United World College; diverse community; established Earlham relationship; uniting cultures

00:06:29 - Time at Earlham

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Partial Transcript: Coming to Earlham and challenges faced.

Keywords: City life to rural Indiana; New York Off-Campus Program; academics; alienation; culture shock; finding ground; liberating; music; new beginnings; theater department; transfer; transition; vulnerability

00:10:18 - Music and Dance Journey at Earlham

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Partial Transcript: Transitioning to music degree.

Keywords: Dance; Dance films; Dance research; Gamelan Esemble; Independent work; Latin Jazz; Music Department; Solo work; feeling alone; starting with nothing; using music to bring in dance

00:14:50 - Balancing passion with academic obligation

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Partial Transcript: Breaking new ground, balancing your love and passion with academic obligations.

Finding the connections to dance and music in all classes; using the liberal arts education to be a better artist.

Keywords: finding connections; focus on goal; go beyond making art

00:17:20 - Challenges faced in that journey at Earlham

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Partial Transcript: Pushback received when trying to go this new path.

Keywords: Dance Alloy; Independent work; Motivation; Music department; Passion; Resistance; Theater department; faith; finding community; finding your voice; lacking support; traveling

00:21:02 - Impacts of being an international student

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Partial Transcript: How did being an international impact that journey of finding your place?

Keywords: bridging gaps; differences; diversity in thought; giving; international students; learning; multiplicity; receiving

00:23:46 - Journey after Earlham

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Partial Transcript: What has been your journey since Earlham?

Keywords: Earlham grad, 2016; OSU Dance Department; Solo work; Working professional; artist; collaboration; dance graduate program; interdisciplinary; supporting yourself; teaching

00:26:07 - Learnings from Earlham

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Partial Transcript: How did the experiences at Earlham help you in your journey since then?

Keywords: becoming independent; being in process; critical thinking; give space; globally engaged; heart and vision of Earlham community; locally engaged; mess around

00:30:17 - Future plans

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Partial Transcript: Your graduate program is ending soon, do you have any plans and ideas for after?

Keywords: artistic opportunity; being an immigrant; life in Europe

00:31:54 - Being an international student in the US.

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Partial Transcript: The difference of being an international or a domestic student?

Keywords: costs of the education; dance program; different backgrounds; financial aid; gifts of international students; luxury; privilege; socialism

00:35:51 - Investing in International Students

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Partial Transcript: Should we keep investing in international students?

Keywords: America first; affordability of high quality education; affordable for all; changing the question

00:38:24 - Liberal Arts Education

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Partial Transcript: What drove you towards a liberal arts education rather than a state school?

Keywords: Art; Davis Scholar; broad spectrum; diverse education; liberal arts; multiplicity; scholarship

00:41:06 - Dear Earlham

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Keywords: Quaker values; community; find ground; honest conversations; invest in what we have; listen; reflect on history; stay present; transparency

00:47:26 - To prospective international students

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Keywords: bubble; commitment; connect; intention; lack of knowledge; privilege

00:50:18 - Ending notes

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Keywords: diversity; domestic; global struggle; international; minorities; sharing space; support each other