Dorte Neumeister Interview

Antioch College
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00:00:06 - Introduction 00:00:53 - Relationship to Lynn Knight, Events, and Student Activities.

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Keywords: Cumbia band; Latino Student Association; convener; student events

00:02:59 - Introduction to current status

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Keywords: Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics; Germany; LMU; Master program; Munich

00:03:37 - Time before Earlham

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Keywords: Davis Scholar; Earlham College; Financial Aid; International Community; UWC Hong Kong

00:05:20 - Time at Earlham

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Partial Transcript: What challenges did you face? What did you really appreciate? What are some of the significant experiences you remember?

Keywords: Biology department; Negative start; community; faculty; finding friends; finding space; personal relationships; small departments; struggle; student body; support; traveling

00:09:00 - Changing direction and Earlham values

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Partial Transcript: Did your goals and ideas for the future change through your time at Earlham?

Keywords: Being Latina; Liberal Arts Education; being caring; being conscious; beliefs; career choice; changing majors; conservation; contributing to the world; critical thinking; ecology; professors; values

00:13:11 - Time after Earlham

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Keywords: Chicago; Richmond; academia; career goals; faculty support; gap year; grad school; graduating; jobs; pet food factory; property manager; research; time off; unemployed

00:15:45 - Future plans 00:16:25 - Transitioning to LMU

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Partial Transcript: How is Munich and LMU different from Earlham and your previous experiences?

Keywords: Earlham community; Sundays; big city; big university; concerts; cultural events; culture shock; friends; international community; local; music; small town

00:21:03 - To Prospective International Students 00:22:15 - Dear Earlham

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Partial Transcript: As an international alum, is there anything you would like Earlham to know?

Keywords: alumni; change; critical thinking; humanities; invest in what you have; science; transparency; values