Luz María Camuendo

Antioch College


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00:01:31 - Introduction. Luz María describes her handcrafts and how she learned her weaving skills.

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Segment Synopsis: Luz María notes that they make hats that she has weaved in a loom. She has learned to do this work from her parents. She adds that they need to make chats that are not very expensive in order to sell them. She buys the materials locally. Tourists don't appreciate the rusticity of the handcrafts any longer. She tries to adapt her work and designs to the taste of the consumer.

00:03:06 - Pros and cons of working at the market.

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Segment Synopsis: Luz Maria likes to work with tourists, however, she dislikes the tour guides because they bring the tourists to specific vendors from whom they receive a commission. This is not fair for the rest of the artisans who make a living selling their handcrafts.

00:03:27 - Keeping the cultural traditions alive.

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Segment Synopsis: Luz Maria has always worn her indigenous clothing because she is proud of her cultural tradition; however, for younger it is harder to keep that tradition. Clothing is part of her identity.

00:03:32 - Lack of government assistance and representation

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Segment Synopsis: There is no advertising or marketing from the government. Luz Maria is grateful that the Otavalo market is renowned worldwide and brings tourists to the area.