Marley Cliff Sanon

Antioch College
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00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:34 - Early Life and Childhood

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Segment Synopsis: Marley talks abouts his first job at the Bowie Baysox Stadium briefly and his the how

00:03:08 - Family Values

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Partial Transcript: "Haitian Values are definitely something that I live by"

Segment Synopsis: Talks about the value education and how that value became a focus on career paths. How he got into Law enforcement

00:06:57 - What does being Haitian mean to you?

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Partial Transcript: "Haitian to the core", "We were born into this"

Segment Synopsis: Talks about his experience of interpreting being Haitian in Middle School and choosing to identify with being Haitian and how media such as Dipset was a part of the legitimacy. He discusses how the texture of his hair was read as an indicator that he was not Haitian. He discusses trying to verify his identity.

00:12:35 - What is Haitian Culture to you?

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Segment Synopsis: He discusses the power of food and the love that that is made with

00:14:21 - We Speak Kreyol

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Segment Synopsis: I couldn't converse with anyone if I didn't speak Kreyol. He discusses the process of learning Kreyol.

00:16:16 - The Haitian Diaspora

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Segment Synopsis: Discusses the different subcultures of Haitian communities in Florida and New York. Different styles of lifestyle, speech, and accents in these respective communities.

00:21:04 - My Brother's Mother

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Segment Synopsis: Discusses the transition from living in MoCo to PG County on account of his mother's sickness (Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease)

00:23:00 - Graduation Day

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Partial Transcript: "I'm enjoying the process of becoming the person whi I was supposed to be"

00:23:15 - What does it mean to be Black?

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Segment Synopsis: Discusses issues of representation and how stereotypes of blackness and Haitianness compounded. Talks about experiencing a Microaggresion in the workplace.

00:27:49 - What does being a Haitian man mean to you?

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Partial Transcript: "we have a momentum right now in the Haitian community"

Segment Synopsis: Discusses crushing all the stereotypes. Representation is brought up as a part of this discussion. Marley and the interviewer that he doesn't claim rapper "Kodak Black".

00:30:30 - Haitianess and Birth

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Partial Transcript: If you are of Haitian descent, you are Haitian.

Segment Synopsis: Talks about gradations of pride with being born in Haiti, The Love and the tension that makes up the Haitian family experience

00:33:09 - Spirituality and Religion

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Segment Synopsis: Discusses Catholicism role in his life. Experiences at Haitian church Our Lady of Sorrow and then experiences at St. Joseph's Church. Talks about a belied in a higher power. Vodou experience at around 11 years old in Haiti

00:40:42 - Sexuality

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Partial Transcript: "You still my cousin but let's lay some ground rules", "I can't say that I had to learn to accept it"

Segment Synopsis: Discusses a lack of acceptance in the Haitian community and then talks about how he was shocked when he found out a cousin was gay and how as a family member it wasn't a big deal. He discusses how family as the thread of acceptance

00:46:55 - Non-Biological Brother

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Segment Synopsis: Discusses how we came from being cousins to being brothers and the presence of an age based cohort in the family. Talks about close friends becoming family an therefore Haitian by Association