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00:00:03 - What is LECTU and how did it start?

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Segment Synopsis: Ellie asks first question of interview to which Michael explains what LECTU stands for, how long they've been around and the segment of river their branch works on.

Keywords: LECTU; Little Elkhart River; Little Elkhart of Trout Unlimited

00:00:22 - Why LECTU was formed

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Segment Synopsis: Mike B. explains why the club (LECTU) was formed and how it transformed through out the years.

Keywords: River Care

00:01:01 - What were you doing today?

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Segment Synopsis: Mike B. talks about how the day was a day for stream restoration, and why they were doing it.

Keywords: Spring fed; Stream Improvement; Trout survival; Water temperature

Subjects: Spring fed stream; Stream care taking; Trout

00:03:01 - Little Elkhart River Pollution

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Segment Synopsis: About a previous restoration project to clean up pollution in Little Elkhart River, and positive results.

00:04:22 - LECTU Makes A Deflector

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Segment Synopsis: Mike B. and his team cut down dead ash trees in order to make a structure to re-construct the stream's flow. NOTE: a meander is defined as: A winding curve or bend in a river (that occurs naturally from stream flow).

00:04:56 - High Water Vs. Low Water in Little Elkhart River

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Segment Synopsis: Mike explains that the deflector they've built is specifically for low water circumstances.

00:05:39 - Is This Low Water Right Now?

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Segment Synopsis: A back and forth between Ellie and Mike about what the floodplain looks like at the moment.

00:06:16 - Two Reasons for River Restoration on 7/22/17

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Segment Synopsis: The restoration is not only for the trout, but for the whole river ecosystem, since there has been erosion and bank degradation.

Keywords: Erosion

00:06:49 - Fishing Beginnings

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Segment Synopsis: Mike and his childhood days with fishing.

00:07:21 - Trout are Rarity in Indiana

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Segment Synopsis: Mike elaborates on why trout are special to the area.

00:07:42 - How Fishing Changed Michael Beachy

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Segment Synopsis: Mike talks about what fly fishing means to him and what the trout mean to him.

00:09:03 - Trout Species and Their Regions

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Segment Synopsis: Mike explains what trout live in the waters their LECTU chapter helps maintain, and where the trout are from originally.

00:10:49 - Mike's Life Revolves Around Fishing

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Segment Synopsis: Mike goes into more detail about how he revolves around fishing, and how it's a part of his life.