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00:00:00 - Myrcka's perspective on the Antioch college campus as a woman of color.

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Partial Transcript: What are your feelings about the POC culture on Antiochs Campus?

Segment Synopsis: Myrcka speaks about the community strength and how "tight knit" the POC who live on Antioch College campus are, as well as her views on how societal expectations affect what is expected of her as a woman of color. She goes into detail about harassment experienced on campus and how a lack of an appropriate response from the College affects the societal pressures, expectations, and personal relationships of her peers. She also spends time speaking about what she would say to people who believe race and racism are not real or present in modern society.

Keywords: Antioch Campus; Bathroom; Culture; Erasure; POC Campus Life; POC Culture; POC Group; POC issues; Racial Threats; Safe haven; Social Pressure; microaggressions; sexual assualt; threats on campus; woman; woman of color

Subjects: Attacks on Campus; POC culture

GPS: Location of Antioch College
Map Coordinates: 39.8003° N, 83.8881° W
00:02:53 - How do you feel about the statement "race is not real?"

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Partial Transcript: "It's ridiculous, I mean I understand you know if you came from a community where it wasn't talked about or maybe everybody looked like you, maybe you don't know what it's like to have a racial action taken against you. I understand why somebody would say that but I think that if we open our eyes and educate ourselves its still very strong in the united states."

Segment Synopsis: Myrcka shares their views on the statement "race is not real."

Keywords: Race; culture; racial action

Subjects: POC; WOC; racism

00:03:30 - What would you say to someone who believes in that or has openly said that [Race is not real.]?

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Partial Transcript: "Wow, that's happened a lot here at Antioch. I think the best thing to do is listen to them and lead them into a productive conversation where they don't feel attacked. It is a very strong epiphany "oh my god race is still real, racism is still happening."

Segment Synopsis: Myrcka explains how she speaks to people who believe that race isn't real and how she helps get them to recognize that racism still exists.

Keywords: Epiphany; Race

Subjects: Conversations; Epiphany; POC; WOC

00:04:08 - Do you feel like you have an added responsibility as a woman of color to stay calm and have to acknowledge all of these other feelings that other people are having?

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Partial Transcript: "Unfortunately yes, as a woman you're taught to be nurturing and caring and make people feel safe. It is also my nature to make people feel nurtured and loved and feel safe. It's tricky."

Segment Synopsis: Myrcka explains their experience talking to people with differing views on race.

Keywords: POC; WOC

Subjects: Activism; POC; WOC; communication; sense of safety

00:04:38 - What kind of social constructs do you feel add to racism specifically on our campus?

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Partial Transcript: Myrcka: Well the fact that the RAs didn't take action specifically when a woman of colored asked to be taken from her room because her room mate threatened to kill her and they didn't move her. Yet a white woman was moved right away for asking to be moved out of her room. It's as if the administration doesn't take our issues seriously then why would the rest of the campus or students take our issues seriously?

Mari: What sort of message do you think that sends to the student body? especially students of color?

Myrcka: A very negative one. I think it perpetuates this thought that we are "dramatic" and don't have a reason to be upset, and we do that was a very real reason. Her room mate threatened to kill her. The fact that anna had to keep telling her story just kind of, it was unnecessary, and I think like after a while people decided "this unnecessary you weren't moved it wasn't serious."

Segment Synopsis: Myrcka talks about ways the actions of the administration at Antioch college have reproduced racism on campus.

Keywords: Campus safety; POC; Safety; WOC; social constructs

Subjects: POC; WOC; racism; social constructs; systemic racism

00:06:16 - Please explain this action [the day of disappearance] in your own words as well as why it's necessary.

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Partial Transcript: The POC decided to get together and be in this room away from campus as a disappearance, and we want to see if anyone is going to notice that we're gone. Are people going to notice that we aren't in our classrooms, are people going to notice that we aren't at work, aren't in our rooms, etc. Are they going to text us, are our friends going to miss us when we aren't at lunch or at dinner? Are professors going to notice that we aren't there? Women of color don't speak up in class much, are professors going to notice that?

Segment Synopsis: Here Myrcka speaks about what inspired the POC students to take a day of action and how they came up with this strategy.

Keywords: POC; activism; civil rights; fighting back; harassment; personal experiences; self defense; socialization; threats; women of color

Subjects: Women of Color; activism; harassment; racism; safety

00:07:59 - Do you feel a POC hall is necessary on a small liberal arts campus like Antioch and why?

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Partial Transcript: I think a POC hall is necessary on this campus if we want it. This is our decision and if we want it I don't think anyone who is a POC has a right to challenge that, and I understand if you've not heard of whats happened and you think this is self segregation but if you've had Ramen thrown at you in the shower wouldn't you be pretty pissed? If you had condoms and lube thrown at you while you were in the shower? If that was me I know I wouldn't want to come back to the school, I'd be pretty pissed.....And for administration to sit on and think about this for so long without giving us any answers is ridiculous.

Segment Synopsis: Myrcka explains the attacks leading up to the demands for a POC hall on campus.

Keywords: POC; WOC; administration; attacked; safety; self-segregation

Subjects: POC; WOC; activism; administration; attacked; safety; security; self-segregation

00:11:59 - What does it mean to be a woman of color in Yellow Springs? and more final thoughts from Myrcka.

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Partial Transcript: What does it mean to be a POC in, like, Yellow Springs to you?

Segment Synopsis: Myrcka reflects on what drew her to Antioch and what her current experiences have been, comparing Antioch's ComCil as a parent still trying to understand how to raise it's children. She continues to reflect on her understanding of racism present in Antioch and how it has always been present in the village of Yellow Springs. Yellow Springs being one of the most expensive places to live in the country, being extremely gentrified and how village council had banned tiny housing as an argument about "Sustainability." She continues to reflect on how interesting the town is and high income most of the people currently living are not even staff of the college.

Keywords: Racism; Women of color; Yellow Springs; activism; commuting; coretta scott king; gentrification; historical racism; wealth gap

Subjects: POC; Yellow springs; activism; racism; women of color