Juan Mancias, Carrizo-Comecrudo Chairperson

Antioch College


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00:00:03 - Introduction of Interviewer Kat Christen and Interviewee Juan Mancias

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Partial Transcript: "Could you tell us what is happening right now on the border, and why you're here?"
"We're just to make everyone aware of the beauty this place has and the beauty that was to our people, and to protect the sacred landscape and the sacred sights."

Keywords: Antioch College; Carrizo-Comecrudo Resistance; Juan Mancias; National Butterfly Center

Subjects: Antioch College; Carrizo-Comecrudo Nation; Juan Mancias; National Butterfly Center

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00:00:24 - Juan Mancias describes the sacred sights and burials along the encroachment area for the proposed border wall

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Partial Transcript: "To protect not only the sacred landscape but also the sacred sites and burials all along the river here."

00:00:54 - Juan Mancias talks about resilience and maintaining the life-ways of his culture

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Partial Transcript: "We are looking to try and preserve a tree that is 900 years old, it's roots run real deep..."

Segment Synopsis: Juan Mancias describes the need to preserve the last 500 years of cultural heritage while retaining resilience and contemporary life-ways.

00:02:18 - Juan Mancias details the surrounding ecosystem

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Partial Transcript: "A lot of the plants here are native to the area. So it's really interesting to be in a place that is almost as virgin when it first came here"

00:02:28 - Juan Mancias states that a border wall will only compartmentalize a people with relatives on both sides of the river

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Partial Transcript: "I don't think we need a wall anywhere. It's the just the idea of the compartmentalization and the division that people need to have for some idea of security."