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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: On September 6, 2017, Soleil Sykes speaks with Ron Sites, President and Executive Director of Fighter Country Partnership and the Fighter Country Foundation.

00:00:24 - Path to Fighter Country Partnership

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Partial Transcript: Sites describes how he came to work at Fighter Country Partnership. After working as a golf professional, Sites moved to Arizona in 1997 and worked as a teaching professional and business golf professional. Sites then worked for Merrill Lynch for four years and volunteered at a local YMCA. After volunteering and becoming involved with the Board and senior leadership, Sites became the executive director of a flagship branch three miles from a military installation. Sites participated in an honorary commander program at Luke Air Force Base run by the Department of Defense. During this time, the YMCA branch received a grant for military families to access YMCA programs that was surprisingly under-utilized. The experience taught Sites that there is a difference between civilian and military cultures. Sites hired a military spouse who within six months signed up 1100 families. After this experience, Sites became more involved in Luke AFB and became the President and Executive Director in 2010.

Segment Synopsis: Ron Sites describes his career path that led to his position as President and Executive Director of Fighter Country Partnership and Fighter Country Foundation.

Keywords: Community organizations; Culture; Military installation; Volunteering

00:04:28 - Origins of Luke Forward

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Partial Transcript: The grassroots organization Luke Forward formally began in 2009, with grassroots organizing beginning in 2007.

Keywords: Economy; Grassroots; Luke Air Force Base; Military installation

Subjects: Air bases--United States

00:04:43 - Involvement in Luke Forward 00:05:09 - Luke Forward Purpose and Relationship with Community and Luke AFB