Christy Rinkevicz

Antioch College


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00:00:00 - Introduction / Early Life as a Social Worker

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Partial Transcript: Alright, this is Hannah Kenny here in Grand Haven working on the project "Self-Care: The Social Worker's Story."

Segment Synopsis: Rinkevicz shares about her early years as a social worker in an infant mental health program. She speaks to the realizations she had about the concept of change and how she had to learn that the client will only change if they want to. She is now a school social worker at Grand Haven Area Public Schools.

Keywords: boundaries; change; connect; domestic violence; early years; friends; frustrating; idealistic; infant; mental health; savior; school; social worker; understand

Subjects: early years; social work

00:03:49 - Importance of Supervision / Self-Awareness

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Partial Transcript: What was that like, learning how to set those boundaries and kind of progressing through those realizations?

Segment Synopsis: Rinkevicz talks about the importance of good supervision and strong connection with peers in the field. She says that it is critical to know what population of clients a social worker has the skillset to work with and how to set boundaries within that position.

Keywords: boundaries; client; experience; peers; relationship; supervision; support; triggers; understand

Subjects: experience; support

00:06:27 - Current Role as a Social Worker

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Partial Transcript: So, as you've moved through different jobs, what kind of presenting problems do your clients have in your current role?

Segment Synopsis: Rinkevicz shares about her current role as a school social worker and the presenting problems that her students have. She notes that there is now a better understanding of the impact of trauma. She says that many of her clients have high anxiety, which she believes is correlated with social media use.

Keywords: anxiety; elementary; high school; schools; social media; students; suicide; trauma

Subjects: anxiety; school

00:08:11 - Implications of Social Work on Home Life

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Partial Transcript: When you leave work at the end of the day, do those thoughts and those stories of the children linger with you?

Segment Synopsis: Rinkevicz explains that although it is difficult to let go of the stories she hears at work, she wraps up her paperwork at school and exercises before returning home to ensure that her work feelings do not flood into her home life.

Keywords: exercise; family; present; time; turn off; work

Subjects: home; time

00:09:42 - Methods of Self-Care

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Partial Transcript: So, what kind of self-care tools do you use?

Segment Synopsis: Rinkevicz elaborates on her methods of self-care, which include physical activity, sleep, and boundary setting. She notes that she has a bedtime ritual to help her sleep, including unplugging and reading. She says that boundaries are good for all areas of life, whether that be in the workplace or in friendships.

Keywords: available; boundaries; client; enabling; friendships; physical activity; routine; self-care; sleep; supervision; therapy

Subjects: boundaries; self-care

00:12:37 - Boundary Setting

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Partial Transcript: When you're setting those boundaries with your clients, how do you set a healthy boundary while also demonstrating empathy for your client?

Segment Synopsis: Rinkevicz talks about engaging with her clients in a way that is supportive and has healthy boundaries. By doing this, she is intentionally modeling boundary setting for her clients.

Keywords: boundaries; care; empower; independent; intentional; life; modeling; relationship; skills

Subjects: boundaries; relationship

00:14:48 - Self-Care as a Priority

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Partial Transcript: So, what kind of role does self-care play in your emotional and physical well-being?

Segment Synopsis: Rinkevicz speaks to the role that self-care plays in her well-being. Without it, she says that she is more anxious and more prone to illness. When she is using self-care, she is able to enjoy life and feel more joy. Rinkevicz also talks about how compassion fatigue has impacted her life and how her perspective around self-care has shifted to a priority.

Keywords: anxious; compassion fatigue; friends; fun; home; illness; immune system; interfere; laugh; priority; relationship; shift; sleep; soul

Subjects: priority; self-care

00:17:25 - Advice to Emerging Social Workers

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Partial Transcript: So, based on your own social work story, what kind of advice would you want emerging social workers in the field to hear?

Segment Synopsis: Rinkevicz advises emerging social workers to have good supervisor who understands the field. She also says that it is important to know your own triggers so that they don't impact the client relationship. She reiterates the importance of boundaries. Above all, she hopes that social workers find enjoyment and fulfillment in their work.

Keywords: advice; boundaries; disclose; enjoyment; share; social work; supervision; triggers; understand

Subjects: advice; social work