Caldin Street Interview Two

Antioch College
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00:00:03 - Integrating Loy Norrix High School

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Partial Transcript: And last time we talked a little bit about your experience at Loy Norrix and being you know, one of the first students to integrate...

Segment Synopsis: Caldin Street talked about her being one of the first students to integrate Loy Norrix High School in Kalamazoo.

Keywords: Kalamazoo Public School; Life Magazine; Loy Norrix High School

Subjects: Kalamazoo Public Schools; Loy Norrix High School (Kalamazoo, Mich.); Race relations; School Integration; Segregation

00:02:58 - Choir as an outlet for fulfillment; vocal teacher Mr. Tom Kasdorf

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Partial Transcript: ...I also had another outlet that would, that would give me, provide me with some degree of fulfillment and happiness.

Segment Synopsis: Street relates the importance of singing and her participation in choir as an outlet or form of therapy at school.

Keywords: Mr. Tom Kasdorf; choir; music; singing

Subjects: Loy Norrix High School (Kalamazoo, Mich.); Loy Norrix High School (Kalamazoo, Mich.). Choir

00:04:46 - Experience with teacher's racism; interracial friendship

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Partial Transcript: ...there was one teacher in particular that would give me a low grade, lower than my white counterpart and we would have the same amount wrong.

Segment Synopsis: Street tells of a racist experience with a teacher and her friendship with a white student in the 10th and 11th grades.

Keywords: interracial friendship; racism

Subjects: Racism; Racism--United States; Racism--United States--History--20th century; interracial friendships; race relations

00:07:29 - Transition to Chancey High School in Detroit for senior year

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Partial Transcript: Can you talk about the transition from Kalamazoo to Detroit?

Segment Synopsis: She talks about her transition to Chancey High School and the much more diverse environment of the Detroit Public Schools.

Keywords: Chancey High School, Detroit

00:08:52 - Involvement in and thoughts concerning the civil rights movement

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Partial Transcript: ...following that experience [of integrating Loy Norrix], were you ever involved with other, further, you know, movements?

Segment Synopsis: Street relates her membership to the NAACP, notes her brother's involvement in civil rights, recalls the Van Avery protest in Kalamazoo, and reflects on the role of her father as a preacher in the city during this time.

Keywords: Martin Luther King; NAACP; Van Avery's; brother's civil rights involvement; civil rights

Subjects: Civil rights movement; NAACP

00:13:55 - Detroit riots and reflections on their aftermath

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Partial Transcript: you remember when you heard about Martin Luther King's assassination?

Segment Synopsis: In the context of a question regarding the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Street relates her memories of the Detroit riots and their impact on the city.

Keywords: Detroit riots; Martin Luther King, Jr.

Subjects: African Americans--Michigan--Detroit; Detroit (Mich.)--History; Martin Luther King, Jr.

00:17:04 - Civil rights and the music industry; part of the girls group, the Velvelettes

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Partial Transcript: Now, with [your] being part of the music industry, did that give you any perspective...on the civil rights...[?]

Segment Synopsis: She notes her involvement with Motown records as a singer with a girls group.

Keywords: Barry Gordy, Jr.; Civil rights movement; Motown; music industry

Subjects: Civil rights movements; Motown Sounds (Musical group); Velvelettes

00:18:37 - Traveling as a means of education

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Partial Transcript: Did a lot of traveling. I've done a lot of traveling and you's education you know to travel.

Segment Synopsis: She notes her travels as a singer with the Velvelettes during the 1960s.

Keywords: Velvelettes; educational experience; traveling as a musician

00:21:37 - Velvelettes touring with the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars; experiencing discrimination in the South

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Partial Transcript: But then, and we sang for a while. We went, what I'm talking about is, we went on, my girl group, which is the Velvelettes, we went on a Dick Clark Caravan of Stars tour.

Segment Synopsis: Street relates her experience traveling as part of the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars tour, noting a particular experience of discrimination in the South.

Keywords: Dick Clark; Dick Clark Caravan of Stars tour; Mason-Dixon Line; Velvelettes; discrimination

Subjects: Clark, Dick, 1929-2012; Discrimination; Discrimination against African Americans, [Mexican Americans, etc.]; Motown Sounds (Musical group); Race discrimination; Race discrimination--United States; Velvelettes

00:28:56 - Mother's experiences with racism at State Regional Psychiatric Hospital

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Partial Transcript: My mother worked at the State Regional Psychiatric Hospital here for 20-something years and she used to come home with stories...

Segment Synopsis: Street relates how her mother told of experiences with racism while working with patients at the Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Kalamazoo.

Keywords: State Regional Psychiatric Hospital; racism

Subjects: Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital (Mich.); Racism; Racism--United States; Racism--United States--Psychological aspects

00:31:50 - Powerful role of historical figures like Rosa Parks; meeting Rosa Parks

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Partial Transcript: ...I'm grateful that there were people strong enough, like when I saw the Rosa Parks, they just did a Rosa Parks statue...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the importance of civil rights figures like Rosa Parks and an exchange with her at an NAACP convention in Chicago.

Keywords: Rosa Parks; meeting Rosa Parks

Subjects: Parks, Rosa, 1913-2005

00:36:53 - Memory of hearing about Emmet Till, having nightmares as a little girl

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Partial Transcript: You know, it was really sad the story of Emmett Till.

Segment Synopsis: Street recalls having heard about Emmett Till's murder and having nightmares afterwards.

Keywords: Emmett Till

Subjects: Racism--United States--History--20th century; Till, Emmett, 1941-1955

00:38:56 - Forgiveness as a means of healing in the face of hatred and racism

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Partial Transcript: ...and by him being a preacher, he would always say, "You have to forgive." And we would say, "Forgive for what?"

Segment Synopsis: Street reflects upon her father's call for forgiveness in relation to racial hatred and the need to release the toxicity that comes with confronting racism.

Keywords: confronting hatred; forgiveness; racism

Subjects: Racism; Racism--United States

00:40:50 - Being a teacher to nieces and nephews; surviving racism; treating people with respect

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Partial Transcript: ...sometimes I'm a teacher to my nieces and nephews...

Segment Synopsis: She tells of how she sees herself as a teacher of her nieces and nephews.

Keywords: African American family; being a teacher to family members

Subjects: African American extended families; African American families

00:46:43 - Involvement with NAACP; hearing Barack Obama speak at the Freedom Fund Banquet in Detroit before his becoming senator of Ilinois

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember, again talking about going to that convention where you met Rosa Parks, do you remember any other experiences?

Segment Synopsis: Street tells of her experience hearing the young Barack Obama at the NAACP Detroit Freedom Fund Banquet.

Keywords: Barack Obama; Detroit Freedom Fund Banquet; NAACP

Subjects: NAACP; Obama, Barack