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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is a phone interview. The project is called, "In Search of the Latinx Presence on the Hill," which is Kenyon College. I just wanted to say thank-you so much for taking the time to talk to me

Segment Synopsis: Alma states the project and Marina gives her informed consent for the project.

Keywords: informed consent, oral history, kenyon college,

00:01:01 - Background and first impressions.

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Partial Transcript: I grew up in south Florida in Ft. Lauderdale. My mother's side of the family is all Argentinean and Spaniards, and my father's side of the family is Jewish and they're from Poland and Russia. All of my grandparents are immigrants and my parents were the first to be born in the US.

Segment Synopsis: Marina describes her family background and how her education experience brought her to Kenyon. Following a harrowing homesickness on the initial visit, though, she decided to attend after working with professor Ivonne Garcia.

Keywords: upbringing, mixed background, argentina, spain, jewish background, poland, russia, autism, catholic school, extended families, english major, miami, professor ivonne garcia,

00:04:05 - Kenyon endeavors

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Partial Transcript: nerdy endeavors.
What were your favorite classes at Kenyon?
I started as an English major, but for awhile I was also a double major in psychology.

Segment Synopsis: Alma asks Marina about what she did and what she liked at Kenyon. She mentions several clubs, like the Japanese Animation Society and the Kenyon Review.

Keywords: mystery science theater 3000, anime, clubs, field trips, japanese culture, writers and thinkers, adelante, kenyon review, internship

00:06:14 - Kenyon classes

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Partial Transcript: My favorite classes were the ones where I really liked the professors.

Segment Synopsis: Marina talks about the classes she took at Kenyon as an English major (and brief English/Psychology double major) and the professors that she liked. She also talks about working with Professor Irene Lopez on qualitative studies regarding immigrant women living in the United States.

Keywords: english major, professor garcia, existential philosophy, professor depascuale, creative writing, professor lopez, cross-cultural feminist psychology, qualitative studies,

00:08:32 - Relating across cultures

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Partial Transcript: Growing up in South Florida, you're surrounded by the big city and so much culture and then we have a disproportionately large Latino community, so Kenyon was different from that but I did make a lot of friends.

How would you describe the relationship between your Jewish background and your Argentinean/Spanish background?

Segment Synopsis: Marina brings up how Kenyon is different from South Florida, and the ways her mixed background have made her Kenyon experience unique.

Keywords: South Florida, urbanism, mixed cultures, latinx, parties, dancing, family, customs, social groups,

00:12:06 - Looking back at Kenyon

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Partial Transcript: How would you describe your experience as a member?
"I was pretty passive. I didn't participate all that much."
"It's like you're trying to be a part of the school, so you don't necessarily think how the school should factor you in."

Is there anything you would change about Kenyon as an institution?
"I think I did a lot of the things I wanted to do."

Segment Synopsis: Alma asks Marina to describe her experience at Kenyon College. Overall, Marina was pretty satisfied with it. No need to change anything about it, she says. Even her tenure as vice-president for Kenyon's Japanese Animation Society proceeded smoothly.

Keywords: adelante, clubs, reflection, homesickness, heimweh, advice, extracurriculars, japanese anime society, comics, superheroes, administration, fundraising,

00:16:56 - Animus at Kenyon

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Partial Transcript: It's something that can make me resentful of others in terms of the fact that I work very hard to get where I am, but I don't think it's anything that I take with me.

"I felt like it was an undercurrent. Like because you were in a more progressive place, it can be harder to have those kinds of discussions.

Segment Synopsis: Marina tells a story of an encounter with other students during her sophomore year wherein her academic achievements were dismissed as solely due to her minority status.

Keywords: microaggression, scholarships, sat testing, life experience, perceptions,

00:20:21 - Life after Kenyon

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Partial Transcript: I'm a lawyer now. I'm a public defender. I represent indigent people charged with crimes, haha so I'm very into social justice.

Segment Synopsis: Marina describes how her time at Kenyon helped her figure out that she should be a lawyer.

Keywords: public defender, social justice, post-college life, professor garcia, lsat, immigrant women, coincidence,

00:23:26 - Kenyon's mixed-race students

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Partial Transcript: I think having a mixed cultural background makes you more interesting. It makes you kind of like a sociologist.

Segment Synopsis: Marina cheers on Kenyon's mixed-race student population.

Keywords: mixed-race background, sociology, cultural empathy, understanding,

00:24:37 - Floating questions

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Partial Transcript: If you want to send me a copy of your presentation, I'd love to see it.

Segment Synopsis: Marina talks to Alma about her lingering questions with the Latinx on the Hill project.

Keywords: informed consent, adelante, race, email, ohio, reunions, goodbye