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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: "It's August 2, 2016 and I'm here with Veronica Hauad - is that how you say your name?"
Yep, the u sounds like a w.

Segment Synopsis: Alma Urbano sets up the introductions for the interview, consent, times and date.

Keywords: informed consent,

00:01:25 - Growing Up In the Diverse Northwest Side of Chicago

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Partial Transcript: "I grew up in a pretty diverse neighborhood in terms of socio-economic status it was middle, lower middle, and low income."

"I was eager to go to college outside of chicago, I wanted something different."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica tells us about her background on the northwest side of Chicago Illinois where there was a predominately Latino immigrant community.

Keywords: Class; Identity; POC; Race

Subjects: Racial Diversity; Socio-economic status

00:02:47 - The Slow Disappearance of Bilingualism in the Family

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Partial Transcript: "anyone younger then me, if they learned Spanish they learned it in school"

Segment Synopsis: Veronica speaks about her Mexican American family and the presence of Bilingualism in her family.

Keywords: Bilingual; Spanish

Subjects: Bilingual education and bilingualism; Bilingualism; Spanish

00:03:42 - Finding Her Niche in the Liberal Arts and Kenyon's Social Spectrum

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Partial Transcript: "learning what Liberal Arts is."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about being brought to Kenyon through the travel grant program and her discovery of the Liberal Arts.

Keywords: Pretty; Travel Grant Program; liberal arts; reading; writing

Subjects: POC Recruitment; recruitment

00:06:22 - Encounter with the Social Sciences at Kenyon

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Partial Transcript: "I'm still in touch with my advisor she's an amazing really impressive woman."

Segment Synopsis: The professors and faculty make the college up according to Veronica. Here she talks about how her advisor became essentially an academic mentor.

Keywords: Advisors; Professors; Social sciences; anthropology; history; language; sociology

Subjects: International Studies; Liberal Arts; recruitment

00:08:45 - The importance of a good Advisor.

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Partial Transcript: "She made me a better writer, lead really great group work, she is just a super intelligent and very articulate woman."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about how much of an influence her advisor was on her and how she was inspired in the various academic pursuits she charged after while at Kenyon.

Keywords: Anthropology; Asian Puppetry; Latin America; Mexico; Mythology; Sex and Gender; Spanish

Subjects: Academic pursuits; Sex and Gender; role models

00:10:57 - What inspired you to study in Latin America?

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Partial Transcript: "Part of it was that the language matched, part of it was..."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica details her interests in studying Latin America.

Keywords: History; Latin America; Mexico; Phillipines; Religion

Subjects: Catholic Church; cross cultural comparison

00:12:15 - Working in Admissions as an alumni

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Partial Transcript: "Yes I worked in Admissions as a student pretty much all four years I was there, and then worked in admissions as a staff member for five years as well."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about her time working in admissions not only as a student, but as a full time staff member. What the work culture was like, how she balanced the work life paradigm and

Keywords: Admissions; graduation

00:12:58 - A Social life as a Kenyon Alumni staff member.

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Partial Transcript: "Its very difficult as a young professional to distance yourself socially from Kenyon."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about her time separating her social life from her former student life after she became an Alumni.

Keywords: Kenyon; Professionalism; Social life

Subjects: Admissions; Kenyon; Sociology

00:14:42 - Did you ever get homesick as a student?

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Partial Transcript: "I generally did not miss home as a student....Everything was so new or so exciting or so interesting...I was kind of fascinated with how different Kenyon was which could intimidate students or make them uneasy or in my case it can make them fall in love with Kenyon more. I was fascinated, I had never met republicans before and I had met republicans, I had never met people who went to boarding school before and I had met people who went to boarding school"

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about how she treated the cultural differences at Kenyon as more of an adventure for her to explore and how that allowed her to thrive at the school.

Keywords: Homesick; Kenyon; republicans

Subjects: POC; Sociology

00:16:45 - Where did you live while you worked at Kenyon?

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Partial Transcript: "I lived in three different houses while I worked at Gambiar."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about the very interesting stories behind the three different types of housing she stayed in with room mates while on staff at Kenyon college.

Keywords: Housing; rent

Subjects: Housing; POC; Rent; Sociology

00:17:38 - Did your perspective of Gambiar change from being a student to being in admissions? - One very specific moment, with one very in appropriate Halloween Caricature.

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Partial Transcript: "It did in some ways but not too many....There was one moment, one very specific moment that I had that kind of, it shook my confidence a little bit in the way that I thought staff and administrators could support students of color."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica explores a memory she had while working as staff in Kenyon admissions where her introduction to another staff member was him wearing a wildly inappropriate Mexican stereotype costume to a staff halloween party and how the administrations response made her weary of just exactly how supportive other institutions with in Kenyon college could be towards students of color.

Keywords: Halloween; Kenyon College; Representation

Subjects: Cultural Representation; Racism; Sociology

00:21:08 - Do you interact with a lot of disadvantaged backgrounds working in admissions at Kenyon?

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Partial Transcript: "Yeah I helped the person who ran then all of our fly-in programs, so all of our cultural connections... I think the fact that so many of us represented some kind of underrepresentedness made it a lot easier for us to help and be more approachable for underrepresented students."

Segment Synopsis: Here Veronica goes into how the majority of the admissions staff was in some way made up of underrepresented communities at Kenyon and how she felt that this lead to them having a much easier time supporting diversify the student body at Kenyon College.

Keywords: African American; College Admissions; First Gen College Student; Latina; Trans; Underrepresentedness

Subjects: Diversity; Kenyon; POC; Sociology

00:23:57 - How to transition out of Working in Admissions to something else.

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Partial Transcript: "I finished my masters..."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica goes into her experiences building her career while working in Kenyons Admissions office and the greater things she moved on to.

Keywords: Career advice; College Admissions; Masters

Subjects: Career; Masters; Sociology

00:25:05 - Is there anything you would change about your Kenyon student experience would you? And what would you tell a new Latina Student at Kenyon?

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Partial Transcript: "I just didn't have a sense of what college would be like the class room until I got there....I was still in highschool mode."

What would you tell a new Latina Student at Kenyon?
"Number One congrats enjoy it'll be great."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about how she wishes she had spent more time taking courses she wanted and had spent more time towards the end of her degree at Kenyon preparing for her future and applying to jobs prior to graduate. When asked about what she would tell future or new students she says be willing to bridge gaps in cultural diversity and encourages new students to look at the cultural differences they will experience with an eagerness and openness to explore. BUT Above all to know if they were admitted, they belong!

Keywords: Career; Highschool; Latina; college

Subjects: Academics; Career; Education; Latina; Sociology

00:28:41 - Have you seen a lot of changes at Kenyon as a student or an alum or an administrator in how Kenyon deals with underrepresented students?

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Partial Transcript: "I don't think there have been to many changes... We've actually made improvements in the last ten to fifteen years."

"Or having difference in costs in residential life."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about how as an administrator she's become more aware about the disparity in the quality of housing Kenyon awards to students based off of their economic backgrounds.

Keywords: Housing; Kenyon

Subjects: Economic Inequality; Housing; Kenyon

00:30:18 - Is there anything you would change about Kenyon at all?

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Partial Transcript: "I am the rare alumnus who is actually pro changing the hill path. Middle path isn't special because its gravel, it's special because of what it represents to the college."

"people call the dorms on the upper north side of campus the suburbs."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica talks about how she is one of the few alumnus who wants to "violate tradition" and update the famed middle path of Kenyon to be more accessible and safer to the students walking it. She also says past that she would like to find a middle ground that represents the importance of housing deciding the quality of housing someone receives in life but also creates less of a disparity of the experiences of financial aid life students verses upper income students.

Keywords: Housing inequality; The Suburbs; accessibility

Subjects: Housing; Inequality; The Americans With Disabilities act

00:33:14 - Final closing statements and what Veronica would like to say to current students about life after graduation.

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Partial Transcript: "Looking back you're reminded of all of these good times, you're reinvigorated looking back at all of these great times. It's hard to have without the perspective and time.... You have to enjoy it while you're there it goes very quickly and you have to do everything you can while you're there."

Segment Synopsis: Veronica gives her closing statements to current and future students at Kenyon.

Keywords: Kenyon; Perspective

Subjects: Kenyon; Nostalgia; memories; the past