Mark Buehler

Antioch College
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00:01:05 - Why Major in English?

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Partial Transcript: "Mostly because I can't do math for shit."

Segment Synopsis: Mark Buehler attributes his deciding to become an English major largely on his introversion and preference for written, as opposed to oral, communication.

Keywords: Communications; Doctor; English; English Major; Law School; Math; Writing

Subjects: College; English; Writing

00:02:29 - After College

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Partial Transcript: "Not at all, which is why I went to grad school..."

Segment Synopsis: Mark traces his career path from graduation to his current position as Senior Trial Attorney at AiG.

Keywords: Advertising; Career; Grad School; Graduation; High Tech Industry; Job; Job Search; Law School; Public Relations; Senior Trial Attorney; USC; University of Southern California

Subjects: Career; Grad School; Job; Law School

00:04:48 - The English Factor

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Partial Transcript: "As for skills, I did the writing component, so it was English writing."

Segment Synopsis: Mark discusses how writing disciplines have helped him master the art of rhetoric in dealing with various lawsuits. He also advises English majors to recognize and market their skill sets.

Keywords: Attorney; Compare-and-Contrast; Creative Writing Track; English; Job Advice; Job Skills; Law; Literature; National Magazine; Regional Magazine; Rhetoric; Skills; Writing

Subjects: Career; English; Job; Literature; Writing

00:08:26 - What English Doesn't Prepare You For

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Partial Transcript: "Actually, let me start with a story from law school."

Segment Synopsis: Mark points out that some of the language in the literature that English majors encounter is superfluous and outdated in the modern world, especially in his field of law.

Keywords: Audience; Chaucer; English; English Skills; Judge; Language; Law; Lawyer; Literature; Middle English; Skills; Writing

Subjects: English; Literature; Skills; Writing

00:11:37 - What Is Literature?

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Partial Transcript: "A lot of crap."

Segment Synopsis: Mark discusses his preferred genres of writing and admits that he doesn't have the general interest in reading literature, which he distinguishes as writing that requires much brainpower.

Keywords: Biographies; Cars; Definition; Fiction; Genre; Historical Fiction; John Green; Literature; Magazines; Military History; Mysteries; Young Adult

Subjects: Literature

00:12:49 - Interviewing

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Partial Transcript: "First off, I suck at interviewing from your position."

Segment Synopsis: Mark advises English majors to analyze closely the requirements for the job they want and prepare accordingly, emphasizing the importance of saying what employers want to hear.

Keywords: Compare-and-Contrast; Corporate; Corporate Culture; Education; English; English Major; Interview; Job Interview; Job Interview Advice; Mitsubishi Motors; Public Relations

Subjects: English; Interview; Job Interview

00:16:09 - Teaching

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Partial Transcript: "Actually, it was that interview I told you about with my boss and former instructor."

Segment Synopsis: Mark briefly reflects upon his time as a teacher for Grades 3 and 5.

Keywords: 3rd Grade; 5th Grade; California; Elementary School; Interview; Job Interview; Teacher; Teaching

Subjects: Teaching

00:20:53 - Final Advice for the English Major

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Partial Transcript: "I think I've already said I'd have a Plan B..."

Segment Synopsis: Mark advises English majors to do what they enjoy, but to always keep Plan B in mind.

Keywords: Advice; English; English Major; Job Advice; Job Skill Advice; Job Skills; Opportunity; Plan B; Skills

Subjects: Advice; English