Jamie Johannsen

Antioch College
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00:00:45 - Why Major in English?

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Partial Transcript: "I think I majored in English--no noble explanation--it was kind of the path of least resistance for me."

Segment Synopsis: Jamie wanted to major in English because its requirements were less demanding than other majors, and she wanted the chance to explore other areas of study.

Keywords: Biology; Biology Major; Book; Denison University; Dom Consolo; English; English Major; Liberal Arts; Literature; Paul Bennett; Professor; Reading; Writing

Subjects: College; English; English Major; Literature; Writing

00:05:40 - After College

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Partial Transcript: "Well one of the reasons I thought I would participate in this project--which I think is a great idea--is that my path was very, um, it wasn't a straight path.

Segment Synopsis: After teaching as an adjunct professor for a few years, Jamie worked at a nature education facility, combining her passion for English as well as the environment

Keywords: Academia; Adjunct Professor; Advertising; Architecture; Bank; Career; Communication; English; Grad School; Graduation; Internship; Literature; Marketing; Marriage; Nature; Nature Education; Parenting; Teaching; Technical Writing; Tenure Track; University of Iowa; Writing; Writing Communication; Writing Workshop

Subjects: College; English; Environment; Grad School; Graduation; Literature; Nature; Teaching; Writing

00:13:20 - First Interviews and Advice for English Majors

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Partial Transcript: "To be honest, um, it was--when I wasn't just interviewing for teaching jobs--it was a little hard to get a foot in the door with just an English degree as a recent graduate."

Segment Synopsis: Jamie admits that her qualifications as an English major didn't necessarily prepare her for the skill sets her prospective jobs required, so she advises English majors to add a major or minor to their education to broaden their qualifications.

Keywords: Advice; Career; Communication; Double-Major; English; English Degree; Ethics; Job Advice; Job Skills; Job Skills Advice; Liberal Arts; Literature; Minor; Philosophy; Religion; Research; Skills; Skills Advice; Writer

Subjects: Advice; Career; English; English Major; Job; Literature; Writing

00:16:41 - Uncertainties

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Partial Transcript: "I guess, you know this is interesting because my children are 26 and 22, so my daughter just graduated from Denison, so we're going through this whole thing, so what I do with this now?"

Segment Synopsis: Jamie addresses the uncertainty recent grads often face as they have trouble comprehending why they're not in the fulfilling full-time career they've always wanted.

Keywords: Architecture; Bank; Career; Civics Center; College; Communication; Communication Skills; Creative Writing Track; Denison University; Education; English; English Major; Environmental Education; Internship; Jobs; Marketing; Public Speaking; References; Skills; Struggles; Teaching

Subjects: Careers; College; Education; Environment; Environmental Education; Jobs; Teaching

00:20:42 - The Value of an English Degree

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Partial Transcript: "Yeah, I definitely used the skills that I learned as an English major and as an English teacher in the job that I have now."

Segment Synopsis: Jamie discusses the immense value of her writing skills she gained as an English major, especially in her quest communicate environmental science and conservation issues to general audiences.

Keywords: Audience; Bio Reserve; Biology; Communication; Conservation; Context; Dance; Dance Department; Denison University; Dr. Woodyard; Editing; Education; Email; English; English Major; Environment; Environmental Education; Environmental Magazine; Extracurriculars; Freelance Writer; General Audience; Leaves of Grass; Nature; Presentations; Print; Religion; Religion Department; Scripts; Social Media; Story; Theatre; Tools; Vocabulary; Walt Whitman; Website; Women's A Capella; Writing; Written Communication

Subjects: College; Communication; English; English Major; Environmental Education; Environmental Issues; Writing

00:35:03 - The Role of Literature

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Partial Transcript: "Oh boy, pop quiz."

Segment Synopsis: Jamie defines literature and discusses the role literature has played in her personal and professional life.

Keywords: Ahab's Wife; Author; Barbara Kingsolver; Book Club; Civil Rights; Cutting for Stone; Definition; Environment; Feminism; Genre; Historical Fiction; Ireland; Literature; Michael Collin; Nonfiction; Nook; Novel; Poem; Poets; Read; Reading; Regina McBride; Religion; Shakespeare; Teaching; The Botany of Desire; The Nature of Water and Air; Theme; Thoreau; Walt Whitman; Writing

Subjects: Books; Literature; Reading; Teaching; Writing

00:39:30 - Further Advice

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Partial Transcript: "I think the thought I would like to leave people with is, you having good communication skills is important throughout life, it's important for almost any career, and no matter what other interests you have or what other interests you discover, I think you will be able to bring the strong communications skills..."

Segment Synopsis: Jamie asserts the importance of the communication skills you gain from becoming an English major and advises current English majors to do what makes them happy, while also keeping an open mind to other interests.

Keywords: Advice; Communication; English; English Major; Job Advice

Subjects: Advice; English; English Major