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How to Add Footnotes in OHMS

In order to add footnotes to a transcript in OHMS, there are a few simple steps one must follow.


First, one must find the desired place in the transcript that they want to tag. Once this has been located, type “[[footnote]]X[[/footnote]]” (without quotations), where X is the reference number for the footnote.

Then, one must go to the end of their transcript and create the following layout:



[[note]] <insert note 1> [[/note]]

[[note]] <insert note 2> [[/note]]




Each [[note]] tag is not numbered, but will follow the order of the “X” footnote tags in the transcript. This may become confusing as footnotes are accumulated for a particular transcript, so it is advised to finish footnotes one-at-a-time, instead of trying to write all of them at once.


Also, please note the spacing of lines in the footnote section. Due to OHMS method of reading carriage returns, one empty space between each line of text translates to one normal carriage return in the OHMS format. In order to not have each footnote running into the next, proper spacing will be necessary.

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Alex Fairhall is a Kalamazoo Class of 2019 student, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Japanese. He joined the project working with Professor Sugimori in order to advance his understanding of the Japanese language and to improve his perception of world events, both past and present. He believes this project has the potential to revolutionize the sharing of culture and history, and hopes he can aid in doing so. Alex’s research was funded by a Kalamazoo College Faculty Student Summer Research Fund in 2017.

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