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3- Transcript Formatting in OHMS: Prepping before upload (optional)

A more recent update to OHMS has made the Macro file obsolete. You can now simply format the document in Microsoft Word and upload it directly to OHMS.

For some assistance in preparing your transcript, consider this guide to generating approximate transcriptions with services such as Youtube.


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Wyatt Souers is a 2017 Antioch College graduate who worked as OHLA’s fourth digital-archives coordinator. Wyatt majored in philosophy, although he has an extensive background in media arts and holds a keen interest in history and pedagogy. Wyatt’s previous work experience has been primarily in public radio, working at Antioch’s WYSO during his first year at school and Vocalo at WBEZ during his second. More recently he was interning at the Central Vermont High School Initiative. At the Initiative he assisted with outreach, teaching, administration, marketing, and website upkeep. During his spare time Wyatt enjoys all things baking, bread baking in particular, and reading. Wyatt is thrilled to be apart of OHLA as it combines his interests in media, history, and experiential pedagogy.

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  • Hi, i HAVE A QUESTION. With no macro need, how ist the way to change those unwanted characters in the whole document? The description below the video says: You can now simply format the document in Microsoft Word and upload it directly to OHMS. Is there a form to do it simply? Thanks.

    • OHMS updates have eliminated the need to remove the formatting or run a macro! Now, uploading transcripts is as easy as just uploading a Word .doc or .docx. Note: we’ve had glitches when uploading a file created in Word Pad but saved as a .docx. We’ve had great luck with .txt files too.