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Project Planning Basics— Templates & Examples

Templates for Public Use

Here are templates developed by OHLA faculty to help you build and implement your project.

Project Statement: INFORMED-CONSENT-project-statement

Release Form: INTERVIEW-student-release-form


Metadata & Biography form: OHLA_-Interview-Metadata-Form

Proposal Example Materials

Below are links to an example proposal narrative, release statement, informed consent form, and letters of endorsement and support. You can reference these documents when drafting a proposal to submit to OHLA, or to any other agency. Who are your community partners, what are your outcomes, and by what benchmarks?

Proposal Narrative

Informed Consent

Student Release 

Endorsement Letter

Letter of Support

Letter of Support

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Brooke is Instructor of Cooperative Education at Antioch College, where she develops community-based and work-integrated learning experiences in Humanities and Media Arts for a 95-year old experiential program founded on Dewey's principles. Brooke is Co-Director of OHLA and helps to structure its overall aims. She researches object-based conservation cultures and is interested in how the digital age complicates informed consent. She mentors humanities-driven fieldwork and undergraduate research around the world.

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