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Sweetwater: Fishing in the Great Lakes Region

About the Project


This project’s main focus is on individuals in the Great Lakes Region and their stories that stem from their relationships to fishing and the water. I’ve gathered content from different fishing demographics: those who fish for leisure, sport, and out of necessity. I cast a wide net for interviewees in order to gather a well rounded picture of fishing culture in the Great Lakes region and how it’s changing. This project is about the ties of people to fish, fish to water, and water to all.

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Ellie Burck is a Media Arts major in the class of 2018 at Antioch College. She grew up in southwestern Michigan right by Lake Michigan. Her independent education led her to a marine biology program in California, an environmental studies semester school in northern Wisconsin called Conserve School, and eventually, Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio. Through her co-ops, she has delved into different medias; audio and journalism at WYSO, graphic facilitation, animation and design at Ink Factory in Chicago, and animation as an animation assistant at Ace And Son Moving Picture Company. Front and foremost, Ellie is a passionate storyteller studying ethics, research, and the variety of ways a story can be told.

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