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The Jewish Meadville Project

About the Project


The Jewish Meadville Project seeks to uncover the history of Jewish people and Jewish life in Meadville, Pennsylvania from their arrival in the mid-nineteenth century through the present day. This year, we will do this by conducting and recording oral history interviews with members of the Meadville Jewish Community. Six students are participating in a group study for which they will conduct one oral history each semester and complete an independent research project on one aspect of Jewish history in Meadville. We will be using the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS) to process and store the oral histories we collect.

The Jewish population has been a consistent minority community in Meadville and we hope to gain an understanding of the challenges and celebrations of this community. We will also explore the relationship between the Meadville Jewish community and Jewish life at Allegheny College. This is a difficult time for Jews in small towns and both halves of our local Jewish community are under pressure from the outside. We are hopeful that information about the history of this relationship will ease any remaining tension and help us move into the future as a diverse and multigenerational but unified Jewish community.

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Adrienne Krone is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of Jewish Life at Allegheny College. Her research focuses on food and farming practices in contemporary American religions. Her current project is an ethnographic and historical study of the Jewish community farming movement in North America. In addition, she is working collaboratively with Allegheny students on a project exploring the history of Jewish people and community in Meadville, PA. To learn more about the Jewish Meadville Project, visit

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