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The Role of Education: Incarceration, Reintegration, Transformation

Project Statement

Education Programs in prisons create rehabilitation opportunities for those getting ready to reintegrate back into a “functional” society. While many correctional facilities offer forms of education in prison, access to secondary education is not as common. With President Obama’s Second Chance Pell Grant Act, inmates seeking education soon came to see opportunities arise. 

Many Liberal Arts Colleges are joining in the programming, offering a different thinking paradigm and perspective. 

In this project, Sinclair Community College Prison Education Administrators, Ohio Department of Corrections Administrators, Incarcerated Individuals, and Returned Citizens, will participate in the Oral History Interviews to produce content showcasing the effects and benefits of an education, whether from a Liberal Arts College or Community College. This project will also provide insight to the guidelines and regulations decided on which inmates can participate in higher education.

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